project 1

Every single project is nothing less than a new theatre, a new scenario. In this project, entertaining people, having fun and relaxing in a romantic and contemporary setting was the main objective. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 2
project 3

I gave a round shape to this bench for a more convivial space and to allow it to extend in the adjacent garden. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 4

Shade garden and relaxing space on a deck area hovering above the ferns. At night, people talk around the fire bowl.

project 5

To provide an elegant threshold to this house, we proposed a masonry work made with the same brick used for the house as well as Saint-Marc limestone. Thus, we have created landings, stairs and plant boxes, all in a classical style.

project 6

Simple and bright. Concrete pavers installed by professionals from the industry, and a few plants selected for their performance. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 7

I wanted a driveway as grand and classical as the house. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 8

Our client asked us for a country garden as natural looking as possible. The mason and his team performed miracles. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 9

I like to showcase plants and explore contrasts. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 10

Hydrangeas, taxus (yew) and buxus (boxwood) are among my classical plants in this type of project. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)

project 11
project 12

Easter Island at home. Limestone for the fountain and the superb lap pool with its 6-inch coping surrounding the water surface.

project 13

With its attractive design, the glass fence provides security.

project 14

Like a dock on the lake shore, the cedar deck hovers above the pool. (Jean-Claude Hurni, photograph)